Tip of Borneo

The Tip of Borneo should definitely be on your list of places to visit, especially if you’re the type of tourist who would much rather avoid crowds and enjoy stunning scenery.

This is not a tourist destination in the traditional sense. You will not find gift shops full of trinkets or Westernized tour-groups that keep you busy and insulated from the world around you. But lots of tourists love going there, either as part of a trip to somewhere else, such as the regional Kudat longhouses, or just to go there and enjoy the scenery.

And the scenery is without a doubt spectacular. Picture a deep blue sky reflecting off the sea and contrasting with the green grass and trees. And if you are there at sunrise or sunset, it becomes an amazing vision of oranges and reds.

The Tip of Borneo is situated in Malaysia’s Sabah region in the north part of Borneo Island. There is a point or promontory there that includes a very visible rock in its landscape. In Bajau, the native language of the people who have lived there since medieval times, the name of the rock means `promontory where a great battle took place.

This event is not mentioned in any of the historical documents, but the sea was once infested with pirates who assaulted ships, stealing their merchandise and killing their sailors. It is believed that one sailor may have survived and named the rock as a memorial for the massacre that happened there.

But now these waters are safe and the pirates are ancient history. If you’re looking for a place to relax, far away from the stress and crowds of urban life, you should definitely book a trip with us to the Tip of Borneo.

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Day 1
  • 0845hrs: Pickup from hotel within Kota Kinabalu area
  • 0930hrs: Stop Over at Kota Belud Town (Sunday – will stop for ½ hours to visit the TAMU BESAR – Open market)
  • 1230hrs: Journey to Rungus Longhouse – Kampung Bavanggazo, Matunggong, Kudat and have lunch with traditional style
  • 1300hrs: Visit the Rungus Community, the Living Museum, Bee-keeping and the process of harvesting beeswax, honey and royal jelly at Kampung Gombizau
  • 1500hrs: Continue journey to TIP of Borneo
  • 1700hrs: Return to Kota Kinabalu
  • Return Land Transfer
  • Lunch
  • Cultural Performances and bead making presentation
PackageBookingPer Person
  • 1 Day Tour
1 PersonRM573.24
2+ PersonsRM385.84