Tabin Wildlife Encounter

  • Destination:
  • Duration From: 2 days
  • Price From: RM1,404

Your days of just watching jungle wild life on the nature shows are over when you book a Tabin Wildlife Encounter. This one of a kind adventure tour offers interactions with over 250 species of birds, monkeys, jungle cats and even flying squirrels.

Animals, insects and birds found only here, on the island of Borneo, are part of your daily tours of our exotic and beautiful rainforest. At Tabin Wildlife Reserve, thousands of species roam and forage the vast jungle floor and canopy above.

Bring your camera, as your senses are rewarded with sightings and interactions with:

  • Bird species including hornbills, pittas and babblers. Some of these species are only found here!
  • Giant squirrels
  • Pygmy elephants
  • Gibbons and other wild primates.

Day and night offer new and tantalizing wildlife encounters. As the sun sets, a whole new world of wildlife wakes up and comes out to forage, hunt and interact in its rainforest home. Booking a night tour is as easy as telling your guides what your interests and attractions are. We always accommodate your whims, as well as your curiosity.

When you do return to the refuge guest area, bring your appetites. A Tabin Wildlife Encounter tour also features award winning chefs who have been busily preparing tempting local delights. You will smell the aroma of local fresh fish and rainforest fare. From the wine to the dessert, you will never walk away hungry.

When your adventurous day comes to a close, our accommodations are world class and offer you comfort in your jungle home. Spacious rooms, chalets and cabins are just what you need to relax and dream your way to your next appointment with the wildlife outside.

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Day 1
  • 1330 hrs: Pickup from east coast town of Lahad datu and transfer to Tabin Wildlife Reserve. Check into attractive timber lodge.
  • 1400 hrs: Visit Lipad mud volcano. Trekking through rainforest for 20 minutes.
  • 2000 hrs: Dinner followed by a presentation on Tabin’s natural wonders followed by a night safari.
Day 2
  • 0600 hrs: You can opt to take dawn drive to lookout for wildlife or join early morning bird walk to discover 300 bird species.
  • 0700 hrs: Breakfast. After breakfast, a drive to animal core area and photo session. Take a dip in natural pool and enjoy thee natural water.
  • 1200 hrs: Lunch. After lunch, depart to Lahad Datu.
  • Scheduled return transfer
  • Accommodation
  • Meals
  • Guided tours and activities
  • 2 Days / 1 Night
Per PersonRM1,404


  • 3 Days / 2 Night
Per PersonRM2,028