Tabin Wildlife Birding

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  • Duration From: 3 days
  • Price From: RM2,912

We proudly present Tabin Wildlife Birding, where sanctuary awaits and brings you closer to the most beautifully feathered creatures in the world. A morning walk offers the sights and sounds of over 250 bird species in a tranquil rainforest setting.

With our experienced tour guides, you are immersed deeply into your rainforest birding experience. Your views change constantly as you observe birds only seen in magazines. Species of Hornbills, Broadbills and Raptors are a constant amazement, while native butterflies looking like live paintings ride the slight breezes.

A Tabin Wildlife Birding adventure may start with birding but is accented heavily with rich experiences, including water and mountains. Breathtaking landscapes are enjoyed as we walk paths offering constant wildlife activity. Gibbons bounce through the trees as other forest animals go about their busy day foraging and playing.

When you are ready to break from the adventurous jungle life, our stately cabins and chalets are ready to receive and suit your less wild tastes. Comfort and luxury are combined with the finest food and beverage offerings. This is not “roughing it” as your needs are satisfied by our gracious hosts and award winning chefs.

We offer our guests beautiful and spacious rooms featuring wood work from our rainforest surroundings which add touches of local elegance. No matter your budget or tastes, your jungle home offers rest and comfort.

Night brings your adventure to a new level. Our dusk and after-dark tours bring you to the action as we enjoy the nightlife of a Borneo rainforest. As Nightjars and owls take to the sky and canopy, leopard cats and wild pigs skirt the jungle floor. The night offers a whole new birding and wildlife experience.

Let your Tabin wildlife birding adventure begin here by enrolling you, your family or group with special tours and discounts designed for your needs, interests and hunger, for a beautiful jungle adventure.

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Day 1
  • Check into the lodge at Tabin Wildlife Resort
  • Explore the vicinity of the resort and be pleasantly surprised by the abundance of bird life
  • The open-sided Sunbird Café & Hunter’s place is surrounded by greenery and flowering plants which attract a number of brightly coloured birds
  • Be entertained by the melodious calls of birds nearby
  • A bird hide facing the flowing Lipad River is available.
Day 2
  • After an early breakfast, depart for the active Lipad mud volcano
  • The soccer field-sized Lipad Mud Volcano serves as a mineral salt lick for wildlife.
  • After trekking through the rainforest for 20 minutes, arrive at the elevated bare area of the mud volcano which is frequented by wildlife and birds
  • A nearby fig-tree is a busy feasting place for hornbills and other birds and primates during the fruiting season
  • Across from the observation tower, bare branches of towering trees are favourite perching place for Green Imperial Pigeons and Doves
  • In the afternoon, try out the Tabin Rainforest Foot Soak made with a natural blend of herbs, to relax tired muscles after long jungle treks
  • In the evening, join the dusk drive to look out for more nocturnal bird coming out to look for food during this time of the day
  • After dinner, go for a night walk to discover more nocturnal bird species in the nearby trails in search of sleeping birds
Day 2
  • After an early breakfast, you will depart for birding along the road leading to the Core Area of Tabin Wildlife Reserve
  • The fully regenerated secondary forest with its relatively lower canopy and good natural light provides a delightful birding experience
  • The incredible rich forests also offer good mammal watching opportunities
  • Lunch and then depart from Tabin Wildlife Resort
  • Scheduled return transfer
  • Accommodation
  • Meals
  • Guided tours and activities
PackageBookingPer Person
  • 3 Days / 2 Nights
Twin ShareRM2,912
Extra PaxRM1,716


PackageBookingPer Person
  • 4 Days / 3 Nights
Twin ShareRM3,328
Extra PaxRM1,872