Mount Kinabalu Climb

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  • Duration From: 2 days
  • Price From: RM1,520

A treat for the body and the soul, a Mount Kinabalu climb proves to be quite a challenge for tourists of any age. Whether you want to maintain your physical shape during the holidays or you are interested in exploring new territories, a climb on Mount Kinabalu seems to be the perfect solution at hand.

According to visitors, as well as to professional touristic guides, climbing Mount Kinabalu is definitely the most spectacular way to enjoy the sight of the entire Sabah County. The highest mountain, not only on the Borneo Island, but in all South-Eastern Asia, Mount Kinabalu is named by many the crown jewel of the area.

For thousands and thousands of tourists, a Mount Kinabalu climb is the ultimate holiday package. The uniqueness and the beauty of the landscape have melted borders and confines, the mountainous territory becoming a temporary home for many nations around the world.

A long time has been passed since the first climbing expedition, organized by Sir Hugh Law in 1851, the peak being conquered some years later by John Whitehead. It was then that humanity learned about the amazing biodiversity hosted by the mountain.

In order to follow the steps of the adventurous climbers from the past, guides recommend spring, especially April, as the perfect period for organizing these trips. Most guides speak English as well, so you have no reason to worry about not finding an experienced guide for the climb.

Equipment should be adapted to the conditions of the climb, many centers situated in the area offering all the necessary pieces at great prices. All in all, you will be provided with both the logistics and the know-how to successfully face the challenges of the mountain.

Stop wasting time! Book your Mount Kinabalu climb now and get ready for the adventure of your life!

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Day 1
  • 7:00am: Pickup from hotel within Kota Kinabalu area
  • 9:00am: Arrive at Mount Kinabalu Headquaters for registration, climbing permit, packed lunch, insurance and assigned mountain guide
  • 9:30am: Arrive at Timphon Gate (1800 meters above sea level) and begin 6.5km trek to Laban Rata rest houeses
  • 5:00pm: Inclusive buffet dinner at Laban Rata rest houses (if you arrive after 7pm only a dinner pack will be provided)
  • 7:00pm: Check in at your rest house.
Day 2
  • 2:00am: Early morning wake up for buffet supper
  • 2:30am: Start the 2.5km climb to Mt. Kinabalu summit (4095 meters above sea level)
  • 6:30am: Enjoy the amazing view from on top of the summit while the sunrises.
  • 7:00am: Start decending towards Laban Rata for breakfast.
  • 9:30am: Start last decent down to Timpohon Gate
  • 12:30pm: Lunch at Kinabalu National Park Headquaters.
  • 4:00pm: Return transfer to your hotel within Kota Kinabalu area.
Via Ferrata

If you have tried the regular climb to mountain peaks such as Mt. Kinabalu in the past, you will simply have to try it again – this time, choosing one of the via ferrata climbs instead.

Via ferrata literally means “iron road” in Italian, and the description is quite an accurate one when considering what these trails represent. They consist of high altitude artificial mountain routes that consist of cables, bridges and ladders. Compared to the regular climbs, these routes can be more challenging, as well as much more rewarding.

There are various types of via ferrata routes you can consider for each difficulty level. Basic routes are generally shorter and more manageable, while advanced level routes can last for more than four hours, offering a remarkably rich and intense experience.

Enjoy via ferrata routes such as the Low’s Peak Circuit and Walk the Torq in Sabah itself, climbing Mt. Kinabalu in a different way than you ever have before and experiencing the rich, picturesque landscape views that no other climb can offer!

Walk the Torq

Walk the Torq is a via ferrata designed with the beginner in mind. A basic level route, it caters to younger, less experienced climbers, older individuals or entire groups of families wanting to experience Mt. Kinabalu in an entirely new way.

Some of the most important highlights of this via ferrata include the Tyrolean Traverse, the 2-cable Monkey Bridge and the Balancing Beam. The entire route only takes about 2-3 hours to complete, during which you can enjoy remarkably beautiful views of a side of the mountain that cannot be seen by those taking part in the conventional climb.

Even though it’s meant for beginners, Walk the Torq is still placed at over 3,500 meters altitude, and the swinging planks, tightrope walks and difficult traverse will still test your limits. Walk the Torq will be a real adrenaline rush, but without putting your life at risk, the via ferrata being entirely safe – yet so enchanting!

Low's Peak Circuit

Low’s Peak Circuit is an advanced-level via ferrata, documented by the Guinness Book of Records as the highest via ferrata on the planet.

The route can be taken by hiking to the tallest peak of Mt. Kinabalu, then taking a detour to descend to about 3,775 meters. Low’s Peak Circuit was designed for brave climbers with outstanding physical fitness levels who can handle a challenging 4-5 hour high-altitude course that will push their limits to the extreme.

The starting point of the Circuit, at about 3,800 meters, is one of its main highlights. You can also enjoy traversing the highest suspension bridge in the world, then setting foot on one of the most challenging Nepalese 3-cable bridges at around the 3,580 meter mark – activities you won’t be able to enjoy if you choose the normal trail.

Finally, if you’ve found the scenery around the summit trail beautiful, you will be blown away by the stunning views you’ll see along the Low’s Peak Circuit, getting to see one of the most beautiful sides of the mountain’s plateau that not many people are able to gain access to.

Laban Rata Resthouse

Although extremely rewarding, the Mount Kinabalu tour can be quite difficult and draining. This is why the private heated rooms at the Laban Rata Resthouse are provided to help you unwind after the long 4-6 hour climb from Kinabalu Park.

The rest-house offers several welcoming and comfy private bedrooms, with the option of selecting between 2 and 6 beds per room. An extra for the Mount Kinabalu tour, resting in one of the Laban Rata’s private rooms is fully worth the added investment, as you’ll benefit from en-suite bathrooms, heated showers, and in-room heating.

Enjoy delicious hot meals in the well-known Laban Rata restaurant, a good night’s rest, and all the amenities you need at the inviting Resthouse located 3200 meters above sea level. You will then be all ready to embark on the engaging climb up to the peak of Mt. Kinabalu, able to fully enjoy the majestic beauty of the mountain!

Mesilau Trail

If you’ve taken the 3 km climb through the standard trail to Mt. Kinabalu and found it to be too short or easy, the Mesilau Trail may be the perfect choice for you. The trail is an optional extra or alternative to the more common Timpohon Trail, starting from the Mesilau Nature Resort located about 15 km away from the Kinabalu Park HQ.

After reaching Kundasang – the center of the Sabah vegetable industry – you have to drive for another 11 km until you reach the resort. From here, at the Mesilau Gate, you will be led through 5-6 hours of steep climbs, alternating between portions of lighter ascensions, descents and a final 2.5-kilometer steep, continuous climb up to the narrow col joining onto the Kinabalu massif.

Due to its greater degree of difficulty and increased length, the optional Mesilau Trail requires an additional small fee to be paid

So, are you in? Get ready to tackle the difficult climb and enjoy its challenging twists and turns, as well as its majestic landscapes!

  • Return Kota Kinabalu Transfer to Headquarters
  • Return Timpohon gate or Mesilau gate transfer
  • Accommodation
  • Meals
  • Insurance
  • Climbing permit
  • Mountain guide
PackageBookingPer Person
  • 2 Days 1 Night
1 PersonRM2,158
2 PersonsRM1,811
3 PersonsRM1,584
4-5 PersonsRM1,552
6-7 PersonsRM1,534
8+ PersonsRM1,520


PackageBookingPer Person
  • 3 Days 2 Nights
1 PersonsRM2,427
2 PersonsRM2,079
3 PersonsRM1,854
4-5 PersonsRM1,830
6-7 PersonsRM1,805
8+ PersonsRM1,789


PackageBookingPer Person
  • 2D/1N Walk The Torq Via Ferrata
1 PersonsRM2,384
2 PersonsRM2,037
3 PersonsRM1,811
4-5 PersonsRM1,726
6-7 PersonsRM1,690
8+ PersonsRM1,678


PackageBookingPer Person
  • 2D/1N Low’s Peak Circuit Via Ferrata
1 PersonsRM2,583
2 PersonsRM2,235
3 PersonsRM2,009
4-5 PersonsRM1,923
6-7 PersonsRM1,889
8+ PersonsRM1,868
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