Kiulu River Kayaking

If you are a water sports enthusiast, Kiulu River kayaking will make you feel like you’re competing at the Olympic Games.

The Kiulu River is situated in Borneo Island’s Sabah region, and is famous for its intense water sports activities. The river’s rapids are around the I-II difficulty degree, which enables both skilled kayakers and newbies to take part in numerous trips and contests arranged there. Such a trip is an excellent chance to discover what your limits are, and to attempt to overcome them.

Kayaking requires one individual in the boat, in contrast to rafting, which is a group sports activity. Because of this, it is strongly advised that you check out the briefings by the certified trainers. This is a great opportunity for you to learn about the safety guidelines that need to be implemented so you avert any mishaps throughout your Kiulu River kayaking adventure.

Kayaking on the Kiulu River is drastically different from kayaking primarily in flat waters. There’s just one individual and his boat up against occasional difficult rapids, therefore it is crucial to wear your life jacket. Also, don’t forget to take a waterproof high SPF sunblock, a pair of sunglasses and mosquito repellent, since these are must-have elements for a great kayaking experience.

If you want to go for the highest level of adventure, you can join in one of many trips to different regions. This is a huge opportunity to discover exotic locations and get in close contact with their residents. You’ll be able to learn about the people and their tribal customs, heritage and present lifestyle.

The rich mixture of adventure and culture provided by a Kiulu River kayaking trip will make you add Malaysia to your list of favorite vacation spots, so call us now and book your trip.

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Day 1
  • 0830 hrs: Depart from your hotel in the Kota Kinabalu City and proceed to Kiulu River, located at Tamparuli area. Journey take 1 ½ -2 hours drive.
  • 1000 hrs: Arrive at starting point. Safety Briefing will be given by RIVERBUG’s professional river guide and signing of Liability Release form and short skill test.
  • 1030 hrs: Excursion takes about 2 hours to the ending point.
  • 1230 hrs: Arrive ending point, freshen-up and ready for Lunch
  • 1345 hrs: Depart for Hotel
  • 1 Day Tour
Per PersonRM418.91