Garama River Cruise

If you’re looking to have fun while getting in touch with nature on Borneo Island, a Garama River cruise could be an excellent option for that. The river is definitely not just a place for sports; it is also a place to enjoy the environment.

A leisurely journey on the river will give you the exclusive opportunity to see Proboscis monkeys up close. Proboscis monkeys are an uncommon species with distinctive large noses and pot bellies. The They are not found anywhere else in the world, and observing them in their natural environment is among the major reasons people come to the Garama River in the first place.

Down the river, there’s Garama Village, which gives you the chance to see the residents’ lifestyle by looking on as they go about their everyday lives. It will be an enriching experience that will help you get to know aspects of other civilizations and cultures. And in a Garama River cruise there will be Malaysian food and drinks on board, which also play a role in the process of assimilating various cultures.

Fireflies provide an incredible vision at night. And in addition to the Proboscis monkeys, there are many other species worth seeing, such as the water buffalo, the popular Macaque and the ferocious crocodile, if you’re fortunate enough to see one along the route.

Various types of birds fill the place with their songs, setting up a distinctive ambiance. It’s an outstanding sensation to find yourself in the middle of the wilderness but still in touch with the modern world, which is starting to enter the region one step at a time.

A Garama River cruise can help you understand and value the wild splendor of Borneo, and just how essential it is to preserve the region’s plants and creatures.

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Day 1
  • 1300 hrs: Depart to the South-western part of Sabah. Journey takes roughly 1hr 45mins / 2 hours. Coffee & tea will be served with some local cake made by the local people.
  • 1600 hrs: On board comfortable fibreglass boat – cruise down for almost 2 hrs in search for wildlife. Experience by walk through the longest boardwalk in the wetland area to return to the Base Camp.
  • 1800 hrs: Enjoy sumptuous Malaysian dinner served in glimmering lanterns hug around the lodging. Catch the glimpse of fireflies slowly lighting up and decorating the mangrove trees. Do not forget to visit the Monkey Souvenir shop which offers you good price; handicrafts and gifts for you to take home. Listen to the crickets singing while you walk back to the coach.
  • 2100 hrs: Estimated arrival to Kota Kinabalu.
  • Return land transfer
  • Afternoon boat cruise
  • Life jacket
  • Welcome drink
  • Dinner
PackageBookingPer Person
  • 1 Day Tour