The Price of the Tour

The tour price covers accommodation, transportation, service charge, meals, transfers, tours, government tax, and more, see individual tours for full list of items included. No flights are included in our packages.

The tour packages are established for minimum 2 persons; for one person who is traveling alone, a fee may be imposed as mentioned in the price list.

Only items and services specified in every tour itinerary will be included in the quoted price. Expenses for personal items are not covered. These include: airport taxes, sightseeing, extra meals, the cost for passports, visas or other documents, baggage charges, baggage or personal insurance, communication charges, cable, laundry or liquor.

Meals and Accommodation

Hotels listed in our tour program feature air-conditioned accommodation fitted with shower and/or bath, as well as twin bedroom, depending on tour. Roll-away beds are also provided for a third person occupying the same room, depending on tour.

Of course, while in larger cities and beach resorts the hotels comply to the highest international standards, when it comes to adventure destinations and remote locations, this is not always an option. If the situation may require it, we reserve the right to substitute hotels of similar standards, and where the highest standards are not available, the company will arrange for the best type of accommodation to be made available.

In terms of meals, most package includes American breakfast, and some itineraries also have additional meals. These will all be included in each particular description.

Transfers and Tours

Seat-in-coach or car transport is provided for all major destination tours and transfers.

Expenses for Extensions of Stay

In many instances, we may be able to arrange for various forms of accommodation and additional services at the point of arrival or departure, but only at special prices. However, stopover expenses and accommodation for clients waiting for the tour commencement or for onward connection, or after terminating, are not covered by the package price in such cases.

Tour Escort Options

A tour escort is not provided in all tours; however, all sightseeing tours and most of the transfers are provided with the services of an English speaking guide. This applies for all tours operated on a seat-in-coach basis.

Program Rearrangements and Changes

We have the right to rearrange the order of a tour itinerary, as well as to substitute and cancel sections of a plan without notice when the need arises. This may happen, for example, when local conditions make such changes mandatory. Apart from this, our tours are pre-arranged and cannot be modified to fit any type of individual changes.

Printing Exchange Vouchers

Tour Orders (Service Vouchers) will have to be printed from the company’s booking system. You can do this after all reservations and payments are made, and the Vouchers can act as a form of additional payment for various optional services and for hotels.


When a tour reservation is made, full payments made with credit cards or bank transfer are required.

Cancellation Issues

If you cancel your booking before your arrival, you may qualify for the following refunds:

  • 30 days – 70% refund will be given minus booking fee of RM 50.00;
  • 15days before arrival – 50% refund will be given minus booking fee of RM 50.00;
  • 8 days before arrival – 25% refund will be given minus booking fee of RM 50.00;
  • Up to 7 days before tour start – No refund given.

However, special policies may apply during various tour programs and in the Super Peak Season at some hotels. Please check the special policy provided for each tour/package.

Refund Details

Refunds will be charged with an administration fee of 5% of the total booking value, or with the equivalent of MYR50, depending on which value is greater.

Any claims involving refunds will need supporting evidence =, and 30 days after the tour ends, the passengers will have to notify the company in writing. No refund will apply for unused services provided with the program after the commencement of travel.

The Responsibility of Our Company for Tours and Activities

In relation to any individual clients, as well as the ‘Service Provider’ companies that offer transport, accommodation or other services, our company simply acts as an agent. Also, we issue all vouchers, coupons, tickets, and any other documents based solely on the Service Providers’ terms and conditions.

Before the start of any of the tours, members will have to acknowledge that our company, its affiliated companies, subsidiaries, agents or servants will not be responsible for any damage, loss, injury or delay. This applies to personal or property issues and additional expenses caused by any events that are beyond the control of our company.

These may include (but are not limited to): civil disturbance, war, accidents or failure of machinery, severe weather conditions, delays, Acts of God, Acts of the Government, pilferage, or equipment and vehicle malfunctions.

We will not be liable in the case of any distress, disappointment, lack of enjoyment or dissatisfaction. This also applies to cases when the personal opinion of a member may consider the services or accommodation options offered by Service Providers to be inadequate because of any acts or omissions.

Liability will only be acknowledged if the complaints are proven to be fully justified in relation to specific, tangible lacks and inadequacies that a particular service, facility or accommodation may come with.

In such cases, customers are required to contact us or the Service Provider in question immediately, and a remedial action will be made to solve any potential problems that may have appeared at that time. We will only investigate and take the necessary measures if such a complaint has been made.


We recommend that you talk to your insurance broker about taking out a holiday insurance policy before applying for our services.

Website Content

The website content can be changed without notice before or during a tour. We try to make sure that all the information is accurate, but we cannot accept responsibility regarding the inaccuracy of the statements made.

Also, the illustrations available on the site are merely intended for setting the mood for various tours, and are not geared to express actual views or opinions.

While the fares and prices you can see posted on the website are subject to change, only prices that are correct at the time of their posting are placed on the website. If the prices are increased, tour members will be required to either adjust their payments or cancel their bookings. There is the possibility of cancellation charges, however, that can be imposed to cover cancellation costs.


The company may at anytime modify these terms and conditions, and your continued use of this site will be conditioned upon the terms and conditions in force at the time of your use.

Governing Laws

This Agreement as well as its performance is governed and construed by the laws of Malaysia. Any potential dispute regarding its contents or interpretation will be adjudicated accordingly based on that jurisdiction.

Additional Terms

You will be required to agree with and abide by any additional terms and conditions that may apply to reservations, as well as to the use of the website.

As intermediaries for hotels, wholesale companies and various other suppliers, we may reserve the right to levy a pro rated room or whole period charge, if the hotel has mentioned this under their cancellation and no show policies.

Entire Agreement

The User Agreement and terms and conditions constitute the whole agreement between you and our company, and override any prior agreements, whether they are oral or written regarding the subject and matter hereof. The agreement and terms & conditions may not be amended or changed except according to any modifications presented on this website.

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